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Spring Break fast approaches. I'm updating before then. Just a "general interest" post, no "hate email-generating" politics in this one.

Okay, one politicking item. All over the country, restaurants are changing "French Fries" and "French Toast" to "Freedom Fries" and "Freedom Toast". Hahaha. Yah, that'll show em. ;o)

If I sat here and tried to come up with parodies of US network television in the early 21st, I'd still be one or two steps behind reality. I heard about this one where America's TV addicts get to vote to marry two perfect strangers together. Mike Tyson might get his own show. Bob Dole and fmr. President Clinton will appear on a "Crossfire" style political show (that actually sounds interesting, come to think of it--you can't deny those two have strong personalities and good senses of humor).

So Dodge is touting their "400 mph" Viper-powered "motorcycle" (which in reality will probably just top 210)? Well, at a recent dyno shootout, Kent Stotz's CBR1100XX Turbo put down a record 505 rear-wheel Horsepower. That's significantly more than Dodge's machine (which is probably in the 420-440 range), and the bike itself weighs about one third what the Tomahawk weighs, not to mention being much more slippery. Not only that, but it turns well and is 100% street legal! This dyno pull was done WITHOUT the benefit of nitrous (he doesn't use it) and on pump gas. The bike has all lights, street tires, mirrors, etc. An *almost* street legal version of this bike (mirrors removed, carbon fiber bodywork, most lights removed, slightly longer swingarm) with 470 HP has done a quarter mile in 7.64 seconds at 192.33 mph (in other words, the bike goes 0-192 faster than most cars can go 0-60 with full throttle and drag launch). Top speed, with the proper gearing, of the 505 is probably 250 or 260 mph.

I'm mostly sticking around Denton, Fort Worth, NRH, and maybe Plano over break. One thing I'm definitely doing is going to the zoo. I haven't been in a decade and a half, and I've been wanting to go for an awful long time. The zoo made me sad at some point--some of the animals definitely got shafted with the "low-income housing"--I remember the skunks, porcupines, raccoons, bandicoots, coatis, etc. were all stuck into one structure with little cubicles. But I've heard they've vastly improved things many times over. I just want to go and observe real live animals and think about things.

I'm also wanting to do some physical labor. Something I can really put my body into, something to make me incredibly tired. I'm not sure what I'll do yet. I would help my step-brothers' dad with his land, but, alas, he was arrested for not paying child support and, well, cooking crystal meth in his bathtub. :/ Maybe I could "short-term" volunteer somewhere.

I am vastly fed up with living in this apartment. Or maybe apartments in general. One of my goals for the next five years is to buy a house. Not only so I can live in a *HOUSE* instead of a segmented box with paper walls like I do now, but so I can actually start *owning* something instead of continually flushing my money down the landlord's arm with nothing in return. Truthfully, if all my neighbors dropped dead tomorrow, and somebody drug their bodies to the dumpster, and nobody else ever moved in, this place wouldn't be all that bad. But I just have to ask: WHAT THE **HELL** ARE THOSE PEOPLE UPSTAIRS DOING ALL DAY??? Do they have a bunch of fetish porn equipment they have to move around every night? Why do I hear loud singing like in a cheezy anime at three in the morning? Why won't they answer the door?

Tonight I became the Chairman of the Research Subcommittee of the SIG. I have a ton of work ahead of me. So much I can't even see over it. It's going to last me months. I hope to have alot of things accomplished by the end of August. One of the main themes I'm trying to bring to the table is communication. I think the key to growing the SIG and ensuring the SIF ("F" for "Fund") is successful is to get people exchanging ideas and sharing resources. I contend that alot of the people are like I was--sitting there listening, with lots of questions and good ideas swimming through the mind, but for whatever reason not comfortable sharing with the group. I need to Destroy that barrier. More later.

Someone I mentioned before, a girl, is in the SIG. I emailed her a routine feedback requisition with a tiny bit of personalization. That's how brave I am. This girl... I'm not sure the majority of people would call her "beautiful", but she's definitely "pretty". But... I see much more. It's the slightly awkward mouth. The incredibly sculpted nose and eyebrows when she looks down. She's a goddess, or a figure right out of some gothic-era oil painting. The lack of pretension, the lack of pizazz for pizazz's sake. The complete lack of fat. The hair that says "I'm just hair, and I don't have to get all made up for YOU". The makeup-free nakedness. The completely functional clothing. Don't ask me to explain why this is more attractive to me than every cheerleader or sorority chick I've ever seen.

Look, I'm pretty sure she hates me, and because of the odd combination of acute shyness, chronic ennui, and not wanting to impose on anyone else's time or meditative state, I won't say anything anyway, ever. And I'm not going to rehash everything that I already said right HERE, which is all certainly still true. Oh yah, I forgot. I'M TWENTY-EIGHT!! I'm still waiting for that "safe, temporary chemical castration" or that "anti-Viagra".

Well, that's the scene from over here in Kevin White World.