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Okay, I know it stretches out the screen. I'll try to compensate by using html
tags for my text. Anyway, I wanted to post my portfolio, just to have it here.
It shows "18 days held", but it's actually been twelve trading days so far. The
TPIIX is just Transamerica's S&P 500 Index Fund, which is second only to
Vanguard's usually. Notice my annualized portfolio return up in the right hand
corner--324%. Not bad. Notice ATI has returned 19.49% so far.

Annualized return is easy to calculate, you just take 365 and divide it by days
held (18), and use that answer as an exponent for 1 + the total return so far in
decimal form. So for ATI it's 1.1949 to the 20.2778th power (if you don't have a
BAII Plus, "MS calc" has a key called "x^y" that lets you do this). Then you
take the answer to that and multiply by 100, then subtract 100. I barely had to
round at all to get 3,600% return for ATI. Wow!

There is precedence for that--nVidia had incredible gains a couple years ago,
starting right around the time the first Geforce came out, and not
coincidentally, right around the time I asked Bruce to please put some of my
trust fund money into nVidia. However, it's extremely unlikely ATI will continue
this steep climb for very much longer. They'd have to do a split several times
this year just to keep up. But they are beating nVidia in the high-end consumer
card area with the 9800 Pro, which is cheaper, faster, quieter, easier to find,
and produces better-looking graphics than the Geforce FX. I know I've said this
before, but it reminds me an awful lot of AMD's coming out party when they
released the first Athlon 500.

Anyway, the chart and its columns should be self-explanatory. All the info is
there. I've decided for this portfolio I'm just going to let it sit. I'll come
back in a month and post another update. I'm going to work on a more complex
portfolio next.