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Oh whatever makes her happy
On a Saturday night
Oh whatever makes her happy
Whatever makes it alright

In seventy-three days my diary will be three years old and will begin its fourth year of operation. I was a far different diary poster in mid 2000 (not surprising, as I've fundamentally changed as a person in that time; also, after a time, you've mentioned alot of the interesting things from your past and it would be a rehash to bring them up again). I went through phases: politics, UT, motorcycles, politics, FRED/Hero, politics, videogames, politics... I sorta miss the feedback that came from actively advertising this page on various message boards and in selected emails.

There are some BRILLIANT posts or parts of posts here and there in my archive, even if I do say so myself.

Hello air
Nice to see you again
Hello me
Nice to feel you my friend

Remember all those exams I had last week? Three Bs and a C.

I'll tell you a secret. Politics is my hobby, and I'm a news junkie. That's not the secret. The secret is I HATE to read the news! I dread it, yet I feel compelled to keep up by listening to AM and accessing various news sites. I wish I could just stick to tech news, videogame news, motorcycle news, maybe strictly financial news. Rarely are there "good" news stories, or positive trends in society. I used to hate opening my mailbox, but I solved that problem by subscribing to a bunch of magazines. I love Charley Jones' show, but I have to be prepared for it (unless it's Trivia Night), or else I'll get all riled up. He just makes way too much sense.

Mavs took another close game from the JailBlazers. That Nash, he's got icy water in the veins. No fear.

Welcome to another day
It don't seem that different
Cuz nothing has changed
I try to remember
Try to remember
When we weren't just running in place

Here's something else. I can't crack my knuckles. At all. Not that I sit around trying. It looks and sounds nasty. The closest I can come is my left thumb gets a little kink in it on rare occasion, so it makes a tiny popping sound when I bend it. I had a friend in high school, Scott Schooler, who could do a waist twist and make all kinds of popping sounds in his back! Ugh. And one of my colleagues in SIG will periodically grab his own head and TWIST it till it makes a SNAP sound! UUgghgh.

My allergies were nearly transparent this year! Thank you Allegra! I find that most people have no idea what a REAL allergy attack is. They think in terms of a sneeze, a little runny nose maybe. In Spring 1998 I had searing pain from a chest wall wound every time I sneezed--and I sneezed a thousand times a day! I wanted to rip my own eyeballs out of my head. I wore an "allergy mask" 24/7.

E3 is coming up soon. They're saying more than 775 new console games will be revealed there! Of course, some of those will be cross-platform, so they're counted two-three times. But still. Half-Life 2 is coming soon, as is a "biker gang" MMORPG from Square Enix.

Lessee, Mario Kart GC, Earthbound 2, Gran Turismo 4, MotoGP Xbox 2, Ratchet & Clank 2 and Jak & Daxter 2, a bunch of "Saturn and Dreamcast remakes", Doom 3 for Xbox, Mario 128, etc. You know what? I'd give my left nut to get into E3.

Have you ever seen the old British comedy "Young Ones"? OMG! The first time I saw it I don't think I blinked once. Rik Mayall plays a hilarious poseur-socialist-activist. There's a hardcore Oi punk, a pathetic hippy, and a four foot tall lady's man. They beat the crap out of each other every show. It's so unlike PBS to show something like that. Black Adder and Brittas' Empire are still my favorites, but Young Ones is enthralling.