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I've been that moon age Dorothy
Keep the Dorothys on the path
And I'm inclined to think the lonely
Learn to use a different math

You'll never guess. My laptop's hard drive is croaking. I hope I can access Windows *one more time* to archive some things on Zip drive. That didn't take long. Bad sectors, blue screens galore, clicking noises and then "drive is not accessible". Vunderful. I'm not very happy about THAT.

And I had so much to say. Ah crap.

Anyway, I just finished my fourth of five Finals. I studied more this weekend with other people than I've ever studied with other people. I'm talking ALL DAY Saturday, eight hours Sunday, and another nine or ten hours yesterday. I've got a brief respite tonight, then all day tomorrow to study for the final Final of the Spring. I've got to tell you, I've felt relatively confident about everything so far. The big hurdle when studying with other folks is staying on task, avoiding long, drawn-out tangential conversations. Beyond that, it can really be helpful.

But it's nice: we have the Trading Room all to ourselves to study in--it's quiet, comfy, and secluded, and it has two terminals. Eating a big dinner (from the Union) here last night was grand. Oh, and it was the first time I've touched paper currency in the year 2003--I sold a couple unneeded texts, had $140 in my pocket, more than I counted on by a little. The rest goes right in the bank.

I had a list. A list of topics to get to. That's on the desktop. Of my laptop. I'm in the Trading Room right now. So now I can't think of anything to write. I haven't gotten much sleep lately. But tonight... watch out, I'm going to hibernate and come back fresh for tomorrow's sixteen hours of study time. Wee-haw.

The building is closed after tomorrow, all weekend, but it opens right back up for Maymester on Monday (which is much nicer than the Christmas break schedule), so that's when I'll be back and ready. That's also the day I either start work or start looking for a job. $17/hour (or more) or bust.

Yup. I'll be back.