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I miss it. But there's a qualifier, because I also miss the time, energy, inclination, and... intellect required to blog regularly. Nepenthe Island is just gone, and what it's been replaced with gives me that head-scratchy feeling. I mean, my site wasn't down five days before the URL was snatched up by someone else.

I still read blogs, and I still plan to come back at a later date. Sometimes, such as when I read little pieces like THIS or THIS or THIS, I get the urge to begin again, to publish my own take on the world once more.

I know just how I'll do it, too. My new blog, under its [ahem] new name(s), will be divided into three sections. Section One (anhedonia) will be my personal journal-type blog, where I relate stories about my life, job, family, and state of mind. Section Two (kevynwight) will consist of my blogging on politics and economics. I have a lot to say. Section Three (nepenthe) will be my enthusiast blog, where I'll discuss everything from cars, motorcycles and new technology to games, DVDs, music, books, and sports.

I think I can accomplish this with little overlap. Having blogged for a little while, I think I finally understand the type of schedule I'd like to keep for this sort of thing. I really like how Aubrey does things. It's relaxed. It's not wholly consistent, but it doesn't need to be. I've also realized that trying to write for another blog, while it has its advantages, isn't the right move for me at this point. Of course, perhaps the descendants of Lifeblog will eventually change the way we look at blogging.

What am I doing? All the elements are in place: I've got my degree, a great resume, an automobile, two suits, twelve thousand dollars in the bank, and lots of free time. Thus, the job search has begun in absolute earnest. I've tested the waters a bit over the last few weeks, and I have several good prospects. I believe I'll be able to pull in somewhere in the neighborhood of $35,000-$43,000 per year to start. I'm still living in Denton, and will be through the beginning of August. I'd prefer to live and work in Fort Worth, although if I work a standard work day, I must live in the East and work in the West -- this is so that the rising and setting sun will always be at my back, rather than always being in my eyes.

AXA Advisors has been courting me. I've been to the office in downtown Dallas twice. The financial rewards of succeeding in this business with this company would be huge -- six figures by the third or fourth year is a healthy, reachable goal. And I like a lot of what they have to say and offer. But I don't think I'm actually ready for the commitment at this point. I don't have the financial stability and experience to join the team yet.

I went ahead and bought an inexpensive used car, preferring to wait a bit on the purchase of a new car. There are some models set to come down in the next eight months that might have made me sorry I bought something without waiting -- the Volvo S40 T5 AWD (current version is only FWD), Alfa Romeo 158, Audi S3 and A4 Coupe, Mazdaspeed 3, Pontiac G6 Coupe, BMW 2 Series, the new Mustang, the new Eclipse, Saab 9-2X, Pontiac Solstice, new Supra, new Golf GTI, Scion Tc supercharged, and others. I went to the auto show twice last month. I did test drive a Mazda 3s and found it great in some respects -- the brakes were absolutely phenomenol, the suspension was smooth, the power was adequate, the steering was quick and crisp -- and lacking in others -- the engine note was far too quiet and uninspiring, the armrest wasn't great, the sound system had no bass, the clutch was too light, the gauges were angled oddly, the shifter had a rubbery feel, the steering was a little too light, and there was an actual door rattle.

I've been tutoring my brother in Economics, World History, and Geometry. It's been a rewarding and fascinating process. The economics textbook is very good, and it's been gratifying to be able to impart further knowledge and my own love for capitalism to my brother. I think a whole lot of folks could benefit from this course! How have so many passed a fundamentals of economics class and yet retained their nonsensical left-liberal ideas about government, economics, and business? Why do so many think some central planners can do a better job of deciding what you should have than YOU can? Why are so many in love with all-encompassing government?

I've run about eighty miles on my family's new treadmill. I've lost seven pounds due to diet and exercise. I've been less than thrilled with the visual quality of The Dish Network, although the interface and informational aspects are excellent. I've been to an Opera. I've played a bit of Unreal Tournament 2K4, as well as some of 2003's better console offerings. I've read Girl With Curious Hair, but also my old economics, financial markets, and investments textbooks. I haven't read The Da Vinci Code.

I've gotten really good at bicycle wheelies. I saw The Shape of Things, but not the film version, I saw it performed live at Stage West. The play is an allegory for "everywoman." I saw one of the nicest movies there is, Catch Me If You Can. I finally saw Fight Club. I think this movie did more for me BEFORE I saw it, when I was only imagining how great it was. A fun movie, but a major letdown in the "philosophical introspection" arena. I'm awaiting the first installation of Northern Exposure. It's about time, and I like the packaging, although $42 for two discs with only eight episodes seems a bit excessive. I've bought a few CDs so far this year, and I'm happy to see Dada, The Autumns, and Muse finally giving us the releases we deserve. I've been following the struggles of my poor, poor Mavs. Can you say, "first round exit"?

So that's about how it's working around here right now. Life's good, and the future is bright. Well, at least it will be until the government converts this country into the full-blown nanny state some folks on the left want it to be. Sorry about the look of this diary, there's not a lot I feel like doing about it right now.

Back next week...

There are four boxes to use in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, ammo. Use in that order.