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An update. My body fat is getting pretty low now. I'm developing a "six pack," which I'm now acutely aware has a lot more to do with body fat storage than with doing a ton of sit-ups.

I ordered myself a few things from Amazon. Several kitchen items, including a digital food scale and a semi-pro blender. I've already used the blender many times, as a matter of fact. I ordered both Shins albums, the Loud Family album I waited way too long to get, the US release of the latest Muse disc, a Failure CD, the Turin Brakes, Action Pact by Sloan, and the first Autumns album. I bought Dark Cloud 2 for PS2, resisting the temptation at this time to order a GameCube and the Zelda/Metroid/Mario triumvirate. Got a new basketball! I finally got Sport-Riding Techniques (I'm truly buying a brand new sportbike very soon). I got a few more Dummies books on fitness, training, cooking, and nutrition. I got the new Northern Exposure Season One DVD, which came in a little orange parka. I luv that show!

I have signed a lease for a new apartment in Keller, Texas, about 24 miles south of my present location. I move in between July 18 and August 7. My new place is abundantly nice. It has all the basic amenities I can think of (pools, hot tub, computer lab, weight/fitness room, a bunch of services), and the location is nearly ideal. Quiet, uncrowded, peaceful. There are four basketball courts next door, and the library is right down the street. The grocery stores are one mile away. WORK is only six miles away, down quiet tree-canopied two-lanes. The floor plan I was able to get fits my needs perfectly -- my L-shaped desk and the huge leather couch I'm going to buy, for instance. I'll be replacing all my furniture, and indeed all my STUFF.

I'm going to buy a Scion tC. No, not the mini-Brinks-armored-truck monstrosity (xB), nor the pugly econospeck (xA). The tC looks like THIS and gets reviews like THIS. The list of standard equipment, for $16,500, is absurd. You get everything. Well, it's lacking a limited-slip diff, electronic brakeforce distribution, and all-wheel drive. Of course, these cars are meant for customization, and mine will be no exception. I will get the manual in black cherry, black sand, flint mica, or super white; interior accessories will include the nifty blue LED lighting, the aluminum pedals, and the leather shift knob; audio upgrades will include the in-dash CD changer and the subwoofer (both CD systems also play XM radio and MP3s and feature high quality speakers); the front strut tie bar; the less-restrictive exhaust system, the 18" wheels and grippy summer tires (17s and 19s are also available); lowering springs from TRD; and last but not least, the supercharger which adds 40 HP with the stock pulleys (more with a few swaps). I anticipate adding more window tint, but other than that, I'm going to go with this package for a while.

The Pistons stunned the Lakers by totally dominating most of all five Finals games. What an exciting series of lopsided victories. I mean that. It was awesome watching the changing of the guard, watching Karl Malone suffer, watching Big Ben take over. Great job, underdogs!