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See my review for the new Autumns record HERE.

I own Fidelity Real Estate Investment Fund, Intergraph, ATI, an ETF, and a few bucks in a money market. I have lots of positions in my watch list I want to get into, but I'm only in a Roth right now (in addition to my tax-free bonds in my trust and of course my 401(k) into which I'm dumping 10% pre-tax).

I bought Alpha Centauri, the sci-fi themed strategy/sim/resource management game from the creators of Civilization. There are seven factions to choose from at the beginning, and if you know me at all, you should know without me telling you that I've chosen the libertarian capitalist faction.

The Dreamers, Swimming Pool, and Tie Me Up/Tie Me Down were all dreadful! Most of my Netflix picks have provided at least decent entertainment, but I really struck out with these three all at the same time.

The Patriots will win the Super Bowl this year, equaling the Cowboys record of three out of four bowl wins.

I have a rotator cuff tear that may need surgery later this year.