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Are you kidding? Don't tell me that last episode of Battlestar Galactica wasn't stunning.

I've got the miniseries and season one on my Netflix queue, but I'm enjoying season two just the same. It's remarkable television.

Yup, I watch TV. I'm looking forward to a few shows: Arrested Development, Scrubs, and Smallville. And of course Family Guy. Sci-Fi is pretty much about to finish up its season, the networks haven't started yet. Oh, and the Bruce Campbell original Man with the Screaming Brain debuts tomorrow evening after work at midnight, and I'm screening it right here in my home theater. I'm expecting it to be freakishly awful. I can't wait.

The Firefly movie, Serenity, is coming to theaters in a few weeks. That's a must-see.

The second Unbelievable Truth album, Sorrythankyou, is regularly between $50 and $80 at Amazon marketplace. On eBay, I found a guy selling it with no reserve. My bid is in for $15 max, but it's 36 hours from expiration and I'm still the only bid at NINETY-NINE cents. The seller is experienced, why would he not put a reserve on it? Why would he sell it for a buck when clearly he could easily get $40 for it immediately at Amazon? And Amazon is arguably more secure than eBay for sellers. Odd, but I'm just ecstatic to get this so cheaply. The first album is one of the gems of my collection.

I was also able to finally get the last Tripping Daisy album. Not as good as Jesus Hits, but still full of luscious colorful melodies.

Recent interests include Elbow's Cast of Thousands (have the September album on pre-order as well), Modest Mouse's The Moon and Antarctica, Super Furry Animals' Rings Around the World, Andrew Bird's Mysterious Production of Eggs, and Broken Social Scene's You Forgot it in People. Some of my favorite acts have albums due in 2006: Muse, Self, Spartan Fidelity (Cinjun Tate of Remy Zero), the Shins, Flaming Lips, Autumns, and Built to Spill. Wow.

I bought Sennheiser headphones. I use them for music and for screening DVDs and digital cable. I use my smaller pair of Sony studio monitor headphones at work and the MDR-V6s at the computer (games and MP3s). I'm considering buying a portable MP3 machine and the Etymotics earplugphones, for use on the motorcycle. I'm toying with the idea of ordering ESS speakers. I had the original AMT-1 in my ROOM when I was growing up (holy shit was I overpriveleged). They didn't make it through college, and I've missed their phenomenol sound ever since. I love my Infinity+Velodyne combo, but I've heard some of the nicest speakers made and the AMTs are fantastic for their size and cost.

This Sunday I have a large group ride, about 30-40 riders, 300 miles or so.

The 2006 new bikes are mostly disappointing, especially from the Honda camp: no new 919 (although the cherry red paint looks nice), and the only bike with significant changes is the CBR1000RR. Yamaha's FZ1 is also disappointing, although substantially new (but looks a LOT like the old model). It's such a stupid dance the manufacturers and regulators do. The FZ1 has a humongous stock exhaust canister with three catalytic convertors. They spent all that money coming up with something to pass the new CARB/EuroIII emissions standards, and 90% of owners will ditch all that garbage within the first 1000 miles.

The geniuses in the Texas legislature killed the lane-splitting bill for 2005. Maybe next year. The REST OF THE WHOLE WORLD and CALIFORNIA allow and encourage lane-splitting, but here in the dumber 49 it's BAAAAAD. I can just imagine those dumbshits discussing the bill, probably thought it was an outrageously radical suggestion and their minds snapped closed like traps.