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My self-summary
Hello there, I'm Kevin and here's a little bit about me: I'm a good-natured, trustworthy guy. I�m a mix of emotional and analytical. Art and science. I veer a bit toward being straightforward and honest and a bit away from being sarcastic, trendy or cynical. I'm not a salesman. I can be kind of sentimental (around the holidays for example). I love conversation and exploring a topic with intelligent people just for the sake of discussion. Thought experiments are fun with good company.

I�m unconventional in a few ways. I'm not the life of the party, but I'm probably part of the fascinating conversation going on in a group off to the side. I like a high "signal to noise" ratio. I tend to prefer quieter areas and smaller groups where talking is more pleasant and easier. I may not be a comedian but I enjoy the quirkier side of humor. I was born up north but grew up around Fort Worth where my family still lives.

I regard myself as a principled agnostic and a practical libertarian. I've voted liberal and conservative and I celebrate Christmas enthusiastically. Reality trumps optimism and pessimism. I don't apologize for the way I am, the things I enjoy, or what I believe (that said, I'm pretty open to new stuff and having my mind changed). I'm not much of a texter. I find it detracts from being in the moment and being mindful of the person or people you're with.

I am looking for a partnership -- emotionally, socially, intellectually, physically, financially. Equals in a variety of ways. I think changing for someone else is not always a bad thing and growing together can be noble and inspiring.

Random bits: � I have a Blackberry, but I'm probably going to succumb to pressure and get a Smartphone soon � I have no tattoos or piercings � I'm a night owl by nature although I get into work at 6:30 � I can be utterly fascinated by science topics � I�m pretty athletic but I�m not a gym rat -- more like a greyhound who lives to run around � two German engineers had significant impact on my life: Oskar Heil and Felix Wankel � my house smellls like incense � the only alcoholic beverages I really consume anymore are quality craft beers in moderation � I�m a bit of a loner and am working on it � There are days now and then I'd really rather just swallow a nutrient pill or two than bother eating � I�ve gotten misty-eyed while watching at least three Futurama episodes � no pets currently, but ask me about Argentine Tegus, Teacup Schnauzers, and Bambinos � My Facebook profile quote is: Embrace workability at the expense of being right; compromise with vigor; admit mistakes eagerly � I never smoke cigarettes but I do enjoy the hookah occasionally � I commute on my motorcycle whenever possible � I seriously looked into building a monolithic dome house � I love to drive and sing my guts out while driving � I'm a fast walker � some of the best times I've had in my life were while playing role-playing games with friends many years ago � I love warmth and get a little paralyzed by the cold � I take baths and usually watch a game or favorite show while in the tub � I've used the same velcro wallet since 3rd grade and it still works great � I lead a spartan existence in some areas and indulge in the finer things in life in others

What I�m doing with my life
Modest needs, simple pleasures. My project for 2013 is working with my brother to address every room of my house. It's a new house but I haven't done a whole lot with it yet.

I've worked for a large firm for nearly nine years. I started a new role last summer which is a combination of analysis, problem-solving, and project management. I travel once or twice a month for a few days each time. I work from home a few days a month. Autonomy, team, isolated location, short commute, decent pay.

I'm still entertaining the thought of going to school to become a researcher / scientist. Crazy at my age, I know. We'll see.

I�m really good at
I don't know about "good at" but here are some things I do and enjoy: Free Thinkers of Fort Worth and other groups � dining out � planned spontaneity � theater, the symphony, museums, and festivals � motorcycle riding � Hold Em � movies � videogames � NBA/NFL/NHL/MLB � hiking � sampling and brewing craft beer � playing guitar and singing � patios and picnicking � reading and writing � basketball and frisbee � running around at the park and feeding the ducks

I'm also kind of laid back and love lazy leisure time, staying home, cuddling, relaxing, and taking it easy.

The first things people usually notice about me
� I'm rather fit and trim -- I do have some muscles, a few of them even bulge provocatively
� I have a youthful appearance vs. my age
� I'm perceptive -- incisive comments, unique observations, ingenious arguments, instinctual empathy

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I know what I like and why I like it. I don't believe we should tailor everything to the least discerning people among us.

Local Places � Bear Creek Park � 4 Day Weekend � the Gaylord hotel � Riprocks � Shakespeare in the Park � Bass Hall � Kennedale drag strip � Boston's and BJ's � downtown Fort Worth � deserted twisty roads � Austin
Music � I listen to new/indie music, but I�m not a scenester or hipster. Lately I've been into prog metal and space rock. In rotation this week: Karnivool, Junius, The Autumns, The Shins. I also listen to a lot of OCRemix stuff and I love live symphonic music. I wake up to NPR and sometimes listen to it in the car.
Books � I like intelligent arguments/observations, science, and crazy fiction and fantasy. I don't end up reading as much as I'd like to. My favorite authors are David Foster Wallace (RIP) and Tad Williams. I read a few science-related things as well.
Movies � I dig smart drama, non-insulting comedy, and sci-fi.
Television � I record a few shows on DVR (The Walking Dead, Orphan Black, Justified, Archer Vice, Elementary), and once in a while catch a baseball or football game. I watch motorcycle roadracing. My favorite shows of all time would be Northern Exposure, Pushing Daisies, Futurama, and Stargate SG-1.
Games � I've been getting more into videogames as of late. I tend to like the quirky, imaginative games over the realistic, violent ones.
Food � I like a pretty good variety of dining. My least favorite food genre would have to be Mexican, but I still enjoy my basic fajitas if that's where we're going. I love to try new places, but I also enjoy traditional stuff. I try to watch my intake of calories and harmful food constituents.

The six things I could never do without
1. motorcycles
2. audiophile headphones and speakers
3. frisbee
4. guitars
5. craft beer
6. warm, partly sunny, dry, still days
7. The unconditional support and advice of my lovely and talented family

I spend a lot of time thinking about
Scott Miller, my favorite songwriter of all time, who I just learned passed away in April... the new Leprous album... Miiverse art... what I need to do to my house next... an eight foot bean bag chair... my next trip for work... frisbee... motorcycle riding...

I'm intellectually curious so I always have my mind on something sciencey or artsy or political.

On a typical Friday night I am
� OUT: movie, improv, concert, theater, sports, symphony, Kennedale drag strip, restaurant or quiet bar, or enjoying my motorcycle
� IN: recovering at home watching a favorite show or film, reading, browsing the net, playing guitar, etc.
� AWAY: visiting my brother or a friend
� ONCE IN A WHILE: sleeping early or working late

The most private thing I�m willing to admit
Nobody's perfect. I'd say procrastination is probably my biggest demon. I'm learning to game it though. I try to keep in mind the phrase "run TO the problem."

I take quite a few more supplements/vitamins than the norm. I'm conducting my own empirical studies. I feel younger than I did ten years ago and I haven't had a cold in five years so I figure I'm doing something right.

I�m looking for
� Girls who like guys
� Ages 28�42
� Near me
� Who are single
� For new friends, long-term dating, short-term dating

You should message me if'd like to meet a happy, healthy, stable, responsible, fun, casual, intelligent, nuanced, loyal guy. If on the other hand you�re looking for an overgrown teenager, a bad boy, someone who treats people like a thoughtless bastard, someone who never questions assumptions, or someone to hang out with in noisy crowded bars a lot, I�m not your guy.

Likes: nerd tendencies � being open-minded and curious about the world � enjoying a balance of physical activity, intellectual pursuits, socializing, and lazy leisure time � being into science, new music, hi-fi, sci-fi, videogames, theater, pro sports, or craft beer � being open to taking a motorcycle ride

I also think none of the above "likes" really matter if we like spending time together, I like the way I feel when I'm with you, and we enjoy the rapport. Thoughtful, friendly, intelligent, capable, good-natured are probably my most desired qualities.