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"Cuz I've seen eloquence
In its purest sense
Grab hold of me
And then shake itself free
And I'm stunned
I mean, who invited
This fickle friend?
Why won't it stay?
Where does it go anyway?"

"So now you're old and the world has left you
It's so sick you see just where
They kept you down
Locked up in fear
We can change it all from here"

Yes, that's right, it's back. But not with a vengeance, I assure you.

I'm sure there are plenty of intelligent college students in this country right now. I'm sure of it. They don't happen to attend, in any measurable numbers, the University of North Texas, however. I'm sure there are intelligent female college students somewhere. They ain't here though.
Dumb... dumb, dumb, dumb... dumb.

I'm moving to California in December of 2003

Bush: "Saddam Hussein must agree to allow weapon inspectors into the country by our deadline or we'll take action!"
The news: "Saddam Hussein has agreed to allow weapon inspectors into the country before Bush's deadline."
Bush: "He's lying!!! Grant me authorization to use military force!!!"

Now, I'm well aware the Iraqis have lied many times before about this. But when we say 'comply or else', and Iraq says 'okay, we'll comply', and then we say 'not good enough, dammit!', I have to wonder why we bothered to ask them to comply in the first place. I'm also well aware that Iraq is a threat that looms ever-larger as each month passes, and that the United Nations is a bastion of inaction, indecision, and timidity. I just wonder whether the greater threat to the US would come from Iraq or from the whole of Europe and Asia and South America. The strength of the US is our economy. Osama bin Laden knew this. The rest of the world, united, has fantastic power to cripple or demolish the US economy. Imagine a trade deficit of zero because zero products are flowing into the country and zero products are being exported to other countries. Imagine a freeze on all foreign spending in US markets and a freeze of all US-controlled offshore assets. I'm not too high on 'Euros' right now, but we certainly need the rest of the world on our side.

In other news...

I'm not gay, okay? However, I'm also not attracted to females. Not very many of them, anyway, and not to a very great extent. There truly do seem to be a few central themes that run throughout the thinking processes of a great majority of females, at least American ones. What are we coming to? I won't even be a footnote in one hundred years when the world has either matured or descended to Hell. But here I am, mired in this, the midpoint of the downward spiral. What are we going to do?

Drunk and drinking people still suck. Mash potato for brains. Why can't it be more like Star Trek? All I see around me is stupidity, dishonesty, opportunism, rudeness, laziness, classless behavior, lack of integrity and an abject lack of ethics.

I haven't seen TV in thirty days (as if I've missed anything). I'm on a mostly-Ramen diet. I'm back to no transportation (have been for a while, the bike has been... broken for a month). I have fat upstairs neighbors and a jackass other-side-of-the-wall neighbor with a subwoofer farm. I have no computer, or games, or things of that nature. No money of course. Not running the air. Oh, and I dun have no cel phone.

But I really can't complain. These are just the circumstances. I'm trying to get out of this hellhole. The day to day, once I adapted, has actually been quite pleasant. I enjoy four out of five classes, and I really enjoy the fact that I'm drawing ever nearer to the day I stay home from graduation ceremonies and await delivery of my diploma by US mail. I'm also strongly considering working toward my Master's degree. But not here. To that end, I'm taking the GMAT exam this Sunday!

Who wants to help me steal my trust fund assets from Bruce Hennen of American Express Financial Planning Services? Ten percent?

I think the M-ster is trying to get back in touch with me, or something. Maybe stalking me, or my bank accounts.

The demo is out. But I can't play it. Of course. However, I've been getting 'dailies' from my brother about it. And he's working extremely hard on his breakaway clan, BoD. He's bringing a few Ci guys with him. BoD, right now, expands to 'Bastions of Demagoguery'.

And most of the 2003 motorcycles have been announced. It's a great year!

And we have cones and a giant, flat, empty parking lot and a stopwatch and a video camera and pegs scraping and full throttle corner exits and nailing the apexes and getting on the brakes hard as hell...

And the Nissan 350Z is out in dealer showrooms. I haven't seen one on the road yet. Well, I haven't really been on the road lately. But seriously, I was researching the Honda Civic, and I hate what they've done with it, and I'm not alone. They changed the suspension from double-wishbones to struts, jacked up the weight 300 pounds, made it bigger and more boring-looking. I wish to avoid a domestic or Korean car. None of the VWs fall within my price range. So it's Civic, Sentra, or Corolla. All base models with no options, the smallest motors, and manual transmissions (which are cheaper, for some reason). They all have air and radios though. I'm leaning toward the Sentra now. It'll probably be a 2004 by the time I buy it though.

A motorcycle can be used for commuting and general transportation, but it's not as practical for things like rain protection, looking pressed at interviews, gathering groceries, moving, etc. A car seems necessary for that point in my life. None of those cars is what you'd call a 'joyride', but see, that's what a motorcycle is for. Spend $7000 on a bike that is twice as quick as a Viper and five times as fun, spend $13,000 on a car that does 'car things'. Best of both worlds? Or cheapest. My 'dream' car (within 'reason') is the 350Z. But having said all of that, I've driven several Civics--I even lived with Eli's Civic for over a month while she was away in NYC--and they have an excellent, solid feel. Sure-footed, planted, revvy, slick-shifting, capable. Don't know about the new ones though. And I won't buy anything but brand new, and I won't lease. How dynamic is that?