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OK. Now I'm learning how to change this page a little. First change. Dates and times no longer listed at the top of each page. Next change. The crap at the bottom is gone, replaced by a single white dot. Maybe I'll make the dot go away too. Next change. I figured out how to link pictures. Next change. The text column is now wider, although I haven't figured out how to make it as wide as I want it. Next change. The color. Next change. I changed the size of the crap to my left. It's not working too well right now. I will fix it. Some other day. I'm working on some more crap. Like text style. Colors. New images instead of what's there now. You have to have a title or there's nothing to click on on the older entries screen so I have to fix that up a little too. I figured out bold and italics. I'll go back and make the date + time fit in just the date on the older entries because only the date is shown on that screen. The next entry is the first picture attempt. After that, some other day, I'll make more changes and list the fixes and improvements.

I'm torn between sarcastically trying to appeal to those I know see this by pandering to their wishes and trying to develop the ugliest, most spartan page in all of diaryland. We'll see. Maybe I'll get around to the bulletin board idea I mentioned at the bottom of this entry. Figured out links. Haven't figured out link colors yet.