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That didn't take long. Just the other day I was posting about my car search.

And tonight, I own a new car. My first new car.

I bought a 2007 Honda Civic Si Coupe. Black.

Some of the features:

*the engine is only 2.0 liters, however because of
--8500 RPM cutoff
--VTEC at 5800 RPMs
--limited slip differential to put the power down smoothly
--6 speed manual with very short gearing
--light weight
--throttle by wire to give instant response

... it has plenty of power when you want to use it

*can get 32 MPG on the highway and even in aggressive or city driving people are getting 25 MPG
*monster, smooth brakes
*quiet when you want it to be quiet, loud (with an excellent intake sound!) when you want it loud
*highly bolstered CLOTH seats
*snik-snik shifter (one of the best ever)
*MP3 player auxiliary input, XM radio, subwoofer
*stability control, traction control (both can be turned off)
*best handling front-wheel drive production car ever: resists understeer, brake dive, axle tromp, body roll, and torque steer tenaciously
*small back seat and decent trunk (unlike some cars I looked at)
*Honda's peerless quality, reliability, and resale value
*amazing price for all this
*coolest dashboard, split in two with digital speedometer just below windshield and brilliant analog tachometer under steering wheel
*cruise control, steering wheel audio controls, six airbags, aluminum pedals, leather steering wheel, aluminum shifter, soft-touch materials, padded sliding right armrest and padded left armrest, tinted windows
*upgraded aftermarket wheels: lightweight Axis wheels with 235/40-18 Toyo Proxes4 tires -- very tenacious grip!
*highly sport-tuned suspension, grippy tires, fantastic brakes, very willing engine and drivetrain, incredibly solid/connected feel

*front air dam
*side skirts
*rear valence
*dark tinting
*moonroof air deflector
*Axis 18" wheels
*Toyo Proxes4 tires -- 235/40-18

--revs hang for a half second after lifting or clutching, part of the throttle by wire, may fix it in the aftermarket, hurts upshifts but helps downshifts
--windshield lets in quite a bit of light, also because of blackness and windshield a sun shade will be essential in the Summer

Future Upgrades?
--Soon: 15mm wheel spacers to increase track by 1.2 inches, and "short ram intake" to increase the induction sound (which already sounds excellent at higher RPMs)
--Later: max performance summer tires, headers, cat-back exhaust, reflash the ECU, lowering springs, paint the wheels, performance brake pads, etc.